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Greetings and a heartwarming hug to all! I'm Hugs, and this site marks the start of a remarkable new chapter in my life. This name change became legal on March 1st, 2024.

Who is Hugs, you wonder? I'm a blend of diverse experiences and aspirations. From founding Rockstar Computer Help to my ventures in Soba Comedy, my life is a testament to professional excellence, community spirit, and playful creativity. I live a life that embodies authenticity and joy.

The year 2015 was pivotal for me, marking my transformation into Saint Soba. This hidden chapter of my life is now unfolding for the world to witness. My Christian walk has been uniquely transformative, journeying from atheism to a profound faith. A momentous event in 2015, where humor intertwined with a divine experience, solidified my belief in a higher power. This year, I'm excited to share this journey through multiple books, starting with an e-book potentially ready by April's end.

Silly Dr Hugs

My mission is to make a difference, aligning with the essence of a Saint. Fate may have delayed my aspirations, but now is the time to rise to my potential. Fulfilling a prophecy from famous psychic Hans Christian King, I'm set to become a renowned healer and philosopher. Watch this website evolve, especially the Blessings page, as I bring these plans to fruition.

Healing holds a special place in my heart, and I'm on the cusp of significant breakthroughs, both personally and in offering healing to others. Despite outward appearances, I've faced immense emotional challenges. My journey to rediscover my ability to feel deeply and empathetically is about to take a remarkable turn. Combining my unique approach to healing with a sense of humor, I'll embrace the role of Dr. Hugs, offering alternative healing pathways divergent from conventional methods. A psychic's prophecy about my destiny as a healer and philosopher resonates strongly with me, and I'm eager to realize this potential by year's end.

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This initial page is just the beginning. Expect a more detailed and vibrant portrayal of my world in the upcoming month. I'm crafting a space that mirrors the energy and dynamism of my life.

Stay tuned for a dive into the world of Hugs – a blend of the insane, the ridiculous, and the profoundly inspiring. It's going to be an incredible journey, and I'm thrilled to have you join me on this adventure!

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Hugs at Rock Church Team Conference